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True confessions of an eyeball doctor:

Why La Vida decided NOT to become an online eyewear retailer (and why you should never buy eyeglasses online) …

An online “telenovela” in 6 parts…

IMG_20171024_081753_868 286x300

Have you ever bought anything off the sale rack and then never worn it? Sometimes compromise just is not worth it.

IMG_20171025_102044_758 300x300

Until now, the rest of us simply had to make do with poor fit and frame designs and colors that didn’t quite complement our skin tone or fashion…. Not cool

IMG_20171109_183545_828 300x300

Purchasing eyeglasses online requires compromising in pretty much every area to which I am most committed: quality, fit and a great experience for mi gente.

IMG_20171109_184115_606 300x300

You don’t get to try the glasses on or have someone help you in person. This one is obvious but huge.

IMG_20171115_163758_332 300x300

Speaking of measurements, to order any eyeglasses, you need the accurate distance from pupil to pupil, or pupillary distance (PD). Measuring your own PD is like trying to cut your own hair.

IMG_20171230_093937_148 300x300

La Vida Eyewear is keeping all the best parts of the online experience, with none of the icky stuff.

Trust your West Lawn, Chicago optometrist to always have you and your family’s best interests at heart. We won’t sell you glasses online even though it is “easier” and requires less effort from our staff. We will insist on fitting your eyewear with the same high level you have come to trust from all our eyewear services.

Don’t be fooled, online opticals are not your best option! Call our optical for more information or drop in to browse our frames.