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Elevate Your Specialty Eyewear Experience

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Let’s Help Up Your Game!

At Buena Vista Optical, we're dedicated to enhancing your performance and ensuring safety in sports and specialty activities. Our extensive selection of specialty eyewear, contact lenses, and shooting glasses meet your needs. Elevate your game, protect your eyes, and enjoy unmatched clarity with eyewear that complements your lifestyle.

optical store near you
optical store near you

Specialty Eyewear Tailored to You

Sports and specialty eyewear go beyond standard vision correction. They cater to specific visual demands, ensuring you perform at your best in any activity. At Buena Vista Optical, our optical technicians match you with the perfect specialized eyewear:

Customized Eye Exams

Our eye care team takes a tailored approach to your eye exam, considering your particular sport or hobby. We utilize advanced testing methods, including computerized exams with 3D holographic images and automated testing to measure reaction time. Your eye health and performance matter to us.

A Diverse Selection of Specialty Eyewear

We offer an extensive range of specialty eyewear designed to meet your unique requirements — from safety glasses for sports to eyewear protecting your eyes during extended computer use. Explore our collection of driving glasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare and customized tints for sharp vision in various weather conditions.

Unmatched Protection

Your safety is paramount. Our specialty eyewear is highly impact-resistant, providing superior protection for your eyes. Whether you're into softball, baseball, swimming, or paintball, we have the eyewear to safeguard your eyes.

Enhancing Performance and Eye Safety

Visual clarity plays a significant role in sports performance. Studies have shown that even slight visual impairments can lead to a noticeable decrease in athletic achievement. Sports eyewear offers additional features that boost your performance:

Protection from Impact-Related Injuries

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, over 42,000 sports-related eye injuries occur annually in the United States. Many of these happen to children. Our specialized eyewear, equipped with polycarbonate lenses, can withstand high-velocity impacts, offering unparalleled eye protection.

Shielding Against Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation threatens your eyes, leading to conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. Whether on the slopes or by the water, our sports sunglasses and tinted goggles block 100% of UV rays, ensuring your eyes are safe from harm.

Colored Lenses for an Edge

Specialized tinted eyewear isn't just stylish; it can provide a competitive advantage. Different tints enhance visibility in various conditions, from amber for hunting to green for golf. Elevate your game by choosing the right lens color for your sport.

Eliminating Glare

Glare from reflective surfaces can hinder your vision. Polarized sunglasses and anti-glare coatings on your lenses reduce glare, ensuring you maintain focus even in challenging conditions.

Control with Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses adapt to changing light conditions, providing clear vision in all scenarios. These lenses transition seamlessly from clear to dark when exposed to UV rays, offering 100% UV protection.

optical store near you
optical store near you

Comfort and Convenience with Contacts

Unobstructed Vision

Contact lenses provide unobstructed peripheral vision and natural-appearing vision without changes in image sizes. They stay in place, resist fogging, and offer a non-slip fit even during physical activity.

The Best Choice for Sports

Soft one-day disposables are an excellent choice for sports. They require minimal adaptation, and you can discard them after use. However, wear protective eyewear or sunglasses over your contact lenses for comprehensive eye safety.

Safety Glasses and Hunting Eyewear

Protection for Firearm Enthusiasts

Firearms come with inherent risks, including recoil and environmental elements. Protect your eyes with specialized shooting glasses and hunting eyewear.

Features That Matter

Our shooting glasses prioritize safety, featuring strong frames, stability-enhancing sweat bars, and padding for recoil protection. Spring hinges, wraparound temples, and silicone nose pads ensure comfort and stability.

Lens Options for Shooters

Choose from polycarbonate lenses with UV protection and scratch-resistant coatings. Interchangeable lenses optimize your vision for light conditions and tinted options, including orange, yellow, and purple.

Polarized Lenses for Reduced Glare

Polarized lenses minimize glare, a valuable asset when shooting near water or in bright conditions.

optical store near you

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