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{Part 4} Dark side #1: No personal fittings.

You don’t get to try the glasses on, or have someone help you in person . This one is obvious, but huge.

Every pair of eyeglasses – like, every single pair, ever – needs micro-adjustments that can only be made in-person with a skilled professional. Even when eyewear is designed for the right demographic, no two heads are alike! Eyeglasses are by their nature a custom-made item. So, until we can beam someone Star Trek-style to you, to deliver and adjust your eyeglasses (as you shop online in your underwear at midnight… eek!), this remains impossible to do virtually.

Sure, I found sites that offered creative ways to “try before you buy,” like uploading a pic on which to superimpose frames like a selfie filter, or shipping multiple pairs back and forth to test at home (which becomes the opposite of convenient if you don’t get a good fit on your first attempt). No online solution came close to replacing a skilled human being helping you choose, taking your measurements, and making the necessary adjustments to perfectly fit your eyewear.

[Dark side #2]

The temporary schedule through May 31st is as follows:

Only Emergencies and Urgent care. No routine eye exams.

We will start routine eye exams after June 1, 2020

The following hours are ok for Picking up glasses, contacts and re-ordering:

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