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Marco automatic refractors

The Eye Exam Evolution

autorefractor woman examThe 21st century has definitely evolved the standard eye exam. I for one remember reading an eye chart in my childhood years, late 20th century, and was told I did not need glasses with no further information. It wasn’t clear to me back then, but now I am aware that reading off an eye chart, covering one eye at a time isn’t a complete eye exam. I also learned that even a person that has 20/20 vision might still benefit from glasses. The basic eye exam has improved over the years due to the advances in technology.

In the past the main focus of an eye exam was to find refractive error. Now, with the help of technology, there are other important aspects that take the main stage as well. With technology improving every year, equipment such as the Marco TRS 5100 automated refracting system used in conjunction with the Marco ARK automatic refractor have made eye exam more thorough and beneficial to the patient. This automated refracting system places manual phoropters in the backburner and has become essential in many practices. Eye exams suddenly become more precise, quick, and less stressful for both the patient and the doctor.

Marco ARK Auto Refractor in Chicago Lawn

The eye exam begins with the Marco ARK auto refractor. This will take an objective reading of a patient’s prescription. It is able to measure the sphere, cylinder, axis, pupillary distance, inter ocular pressure, and cornea curvature. All of these measurements are crucial and can be completed in a matter of minutes with the touch of a button with no major discomfort to the patient. This might have been time consuming in the past, but now it can be performed in less than 5 minutes if the patient is compliant. All this information is recorded into a data card, which will later be transferred into the patient’s file for future use and also to monitor each year.

Monitoring these readings annually is essential. Many patients believe that an optometrist will only measure your prescription and let you know whether you need glasses or not. However, there are many other readings such as your corneal curvature, which can help diagnose Keratoconus, a serious disorder of the cornea. A patient’s eye pressure is an important measurement as well, since a high IOP (inter ocular pressure) reading can be one sign of glaucoma. These two disorders are not black and white conditions. They need proper documentation in order to be certain a patient is developing these diseases. With the Marco technology within a practice it facilitates the ability to monitor the patient each year.

Children’s Eye Care

When combining the Marco automated refracting system with the auto refractor, children as young as one year are able to complete their first eye exam without any complications. This state of the art technology ensures that the equipment is patient friendly. Many parents often complain that in certain practices their child was not able to complete the eye exam. This can be because the child was not having a good day or because the practice was not equipped with the proper technology and training. It is very important if not crucial to be up to date with technology in order to provide patients with as much information as possible. Each patient is unique with their own special Vision needs. Therefore, in order to be able to serve a diverse population, an automated auto refractor would be ideal equaling in a larger amount of happier patients due to the accurate measurements. Even if the child cannot speak or respond the figures or letters to the doctor, it is still possible to complete an exam.

The Marco TRS 5100 automated refracting system verifies the subjective measurements of the auto refractor in order to finalize a patient’s prescription. The revolutionized Marco phoropter provides a wide range of lenses to the patient in order to be able to correct their vision even if the patient has a very high prescription. The doctor will no longer need to flip thru the lenses manually, which can be time consuming. Instead, the phoropter is controlled by a portable touchscreen keypad, which is able to show the patient the difference between their old prescription and new prescription in seconds. This also benefits the eye exam as a whole since there is more time to educate the patient in order for him/her to understand their condition, resulting in a better experience.

The Marco TRS 5100 automated refracting system used in conjunction with the Marco ARK automatic refractor has mastered the ability to find refractive error of a patient in a matter of minutes. With all the benefits this state-of-the-art technology has to offer, a patient can comfortably walk out of the office knowing that the proper diagnosis was given. A comprehensive eye exam every year is critical to avoid surprises in the long run. Investing in the Marco TRS 5100 automated refracting system and the Marco ARK automatic refractor will differentiate you from other practices in the area and provide an in depth exam that does not compare to the old methods done in previous centuries. The technology will evolve the basic eye exam done within your practice and exceed all of your patient’s expectations.

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