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Buena Vista Optical in Chicago, IL

exterior buena vista opticalWelcome to Buena Vista Optical, featuring Diana Canto-Sims, the creator and designer of La Vida Eyewear. Buena Vista optical is an eye care clinic and boutique optical that specializes in Primary eye care and hard to fit contact lenses.

Founded by Diana Canto-Sims and her husband Dr. Todd W. Sims, Buena Vista Optical first opened on February 14th, 2005 in the south-side of Chicago, IL. Buena Vista Optical came about after seeing how the vision needs of the Latino community in Chicago weren't being met.

Buena Vista Optical's main concern is the quality of the primary eye care and beautiful, stylish eyewear that fits. They provide a personal stylist that will help you choose the most flattering, comfortable eyewear you could ever imagine. At Buena Vista Optical, you shouldn't have to compromise fit for Fashion.

Buena Vista Optical and Diana have helped to reduce the cultural stigma around eyeglasses, and help educate parents and children on the importance of vision in learning. Because of this, Buena Vista and Diana have won numerous awards for their work and contribution to the Latino community.

“Most Hispanics are born with conditions like astigmatism and do not even know they need glasses until their first eye exam.” Diana is most passionate about seeing that every child that needs a pair of eyeglasses gets one. “80% of learning is through vision. If a child cannot see, a child cannot learn.

diana canto-simsAward-winning eyeball doctor. Eyewear designer for “mi gente”. Diana Cantos-Sims knows how hard it is to find that perfect pair of glasses. So, that being said, Diana wanting to help her patients more, she decided to turn her attention to the eyeglasses themselves. “Finding eyeglasses that fit my patients—and myself!—was always a challenge.

Most eyewear on the market is European styles.” Diana researched and inquired with hundreds of frame manufacturers, only for her to be let down with "No" we don't make that.

So, Diana determined as ever decided to design her own eyewear for wider faces, higher cheekbones, and lower nose bridges, while incorporating beautiful colors that complement our gorgeous skin tones.

“No more compromising fit for fashion. No more glasses sliding off your face, too tight on the sides and in colors that just don’t look right. Now, you can have it all… and a taco!” Each new collection sells out fast. Diana can't keep the glasses on the shelves! La Vida Eyewear is born!

BuenaVistaOptical eyewearThey are currently the exclusive distributor of La Vida Eyewear: “Eyewear as diverse and Bold as you where you don’t have to compromise fit for fashion.” Keep an eye out for them, as of 2018 they will be expanding Nationally.

Buena Vista Optical are also one of the only opticals in the city and West Lawn area with an in House lab. They are able to make most eyeglasses with prescription lenses same day.

Buena Vista Optical also offers their patients Elite eyewear collections and are authorized dealers for brands like Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Miu Miu, Burberry and Ray Ban.