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New Year, New You, New Look!

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It’s a new year. What better time to reinvent yourself?

Choosing a stylish new pair (or two) of glasses can brighten your wardrobe and your mood. You know what they say: When you look good, you feel good!

So schedule an appointment at Buena Vista Optical to check out our wide selection of classic and trendy eyewear.

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How to Choose a New Eyeglass Style

Consider Your Lifestyle

What type of lifestyle do you live? Do you sit in an office at work and explore nature every weekend? You might need two pairs of glasses.

If you’re looking to make a good impression in the workplace, consider frames that are versatile enough to suit a variety of outfits.

If you’re physically active, be sure your frames are strong and that your lenses can resist impact, especially if you play sports.

Choose Frames That Match Your Face Shape

Your face shape gives you an indication of the types of frames you should go for.

  • Heart-shaped face: This type of face is best suited for eyeglasses with bottom heavy frames. Round or square shapes are recommended.
  • Oval face: Geometric shapes like rectangular glasses are ideal for oval faces.
  • Diamond face: Cat eyeglasses, round and oval shapes match a diamond-shaped face.
  • Round face: If you have a round face shape, a number of eyeglass shapes will suit your face. You can choose between geometric, square, rectangular, and oversized frames.
  • Square face: For this face shape, round, oval, wire, and cat eyeglasses can be a great fit.

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Choose A Color That Speaks To You

What color eyeglasses are you used to wearing? Be open to changing it up in 2023.

If your previous pair of eyeglasses were black or neutral in color, why not pick a bold new frame that complements your skin tone, or a pastel that highlights your eyes? Colorful frames are fun and funky.

Book an eye exam in Chicago at Buena Vista Optical

To update your prescription and spruce up your look for the new year, book an eye exam at Buena Vista Optical in Chicago Our caring eye care team will help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you.

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