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Why You Should Always Have Sunglasses On You

Did you know that UV rays can do a lot of damage, even during the cloudy Chicago Winter!IMG 20171109 183545 828

Here are some important facts that you should know about UV rays:

  • UV rays cause serious eye damage, and exposure has been shown to increase rates of Cataracts and Macular Degeneration, diseases that cause serious vision loss.
  • Even mild UV exposure can lead to eye irritation and contact lens irritation.
  • You may have thought that UV rays only come from the sun, the truth is UV rays reflect off of snow, concrete, windows, water and any reflective surface.
  • While hats are a great way to protect your face from sunburn, they only reduce UV exposure by 50%
  • High quality sunglasses are essential for blocking 100% off UV-A and UV-B rays, ask our optician about our wide variety of designer sunglasses frames for children and adults in our West Lawn Optical.